01 February, 2010



The importance of the project gallery Luxfer is completely non-profit activity to decentralize art scene and disseminate current art in the region. This project helps to dispel the obscurity and inaccessibility and the resulting distrust in contemporary artThis will be great benefit for both the artist and art. This space will provide free space for artistic expression at high level. The gallery will be a free platform for the research and experimentation in the art that uniquely contributes to the expansion of communication between the city and the region.


The gallery space is an industrial hall, in the foyer is a relic of the past - a giant glass surface of the luxfer tiles"Luxfer", the silent witness of the past, which gave the name to a new area can be seen metaphorically as light, extension educationwe want to spread .
The interior is white cube 7x6 meters3.5 meters highwithout windows. The ideal gallery space for the exhibition of multimedia art.

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