Vladimír Skrepl

17. 10. – 31. 12. 2014


The paintings of Vladimír Skrepl (*1955) are brutally colourful, expressive, unusual and rough. His topis are solid as the layers of paint on his canvases – obsession, rudeness and rough romance, but never empty convention or suggestive openness to a viewer. In Skrepl´s paintings, there are wild, deformed figures of people and animals, obscene details, provocative inscriptions. Emotions and beasts are creepy emerging  from the very base of a personality. They are bound together with several elements of different subcultures. A memento mori serves like a life therapy. Vladimír Skrepl, a very visible artist who came onto the scene  in the eighties, is an influential teacher as well – he is a leader of a painting studio at the Prague Academy of Visual Arts. In 2007, he became a laureate of The Award from Jiří Kovanda, the challenge trophy for exceptional Czech artistic personalities.


Annnotation: Kareřina Štroblová