17.1. – 9.3.2014

Tomáš Svoboda ( born 1974 ) specializes in his work to text and video installations. The combination of these creative processes he used at the exhibition at the Gallery Luxfer , which thematically conceived as a personal confrontation with the outside world and his own person . Comprehensive installation of four parts has a common denominator is and is not present even in the name of the exhibition : Tomáš Svoboda. Each part as if the author expresses a relationship of himself and various entities. Time-worn white flag with a black embroidered " I" as generic as possible Session I - the surrounding world . Flag as personal banner , pointing and proclaiming . Symbol of pride and recognition of defeat , a utility to express attitudes and raise the profile of the position . Dirty and cigarette burned off banner hanging from the wall could be seen as a metaphor for a certain situation. Another subject to which it relates Tomáš Svoboda , is a society that surrounds us. A sheet of paper on which is printed a thousand regular word "you" and only one "I" . I among thousands of other "you" . It must find its own personality and voice in society as well as to identify with it , learn to perceive the voice of the self and " other."


Find your position is sometimes necessary distance towards others and towards each other. Be seen and easily overlooked. Each is among thousands of myself. With the existence within the art scene Svoboda balances humorous comic strips that arose during the author's study stay in Berlin even in studies at the Prague Academy. Confrontation with different background art scene is certainly one reason for the theme of confrontation small artist with great artistic world.

Annnotation: Kareřina Štroblová