Petr Lysáček (*1961) Petr Lysáček forms the group František Lozinski o.p.s., together with Jiří Surůvka and František Kowolowski. They are important persons and leaders of the art scene in Ostrava as well. Among their notable activities is the Malamut festival of action art (1994-1998). Lysáček is a co-founder and professor of the Art Institute of the Ostrava university. Currently, he is living in Prague.


The artwork of Petr Lysáček is specifically playful form of postmodern and conceptual principles. The lightness of his art contrasts with the hard life in harsh social environment of a steel town. It overlaps various media – perfomance, painting, photography and installation. He works with found objects and puts them into new, often humorous or ironic connections,  using trash or popculture aesthetics. In his paintings, there are many new or unusual techniques. In those „material paintings“ are various artefacts incorporated again. Through playfulness, humour and fantasy Lysáček adds commentary and parody on the world around as well as on himself.


Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová