Marie Lukáčová - Jakub Roček


The artistic cooperation of Marie Lukáčová and Jakub Roček is quite fresh, and maybe there is a partner relationship between two young colleagues rather than artistic opinion convergence behind it. However, a strong magnetism of their cooperation is a form, which they reached separately during their studies on Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Marie got to the video experiments through traditional painting and installation, and she focused mainly on the possibility of narrative content communication. Jakub, on the other side, went from painting and (computer) graphics to videoart with strong visuality and emotional load, without resigning on important social and political input. His post-apocalyptic vision of a society after a fatal conflict are mixed toghether with Marie´s cataclysmic view on contemporary capitalist world. This synthesis is an interesting combination of politically engaged art and remarkable, technically elaborated film postproduction. Hard to say what we can expect from their exhibition, but it´s clear that Marie Lukáčová – currently studying at Prague Academy of Applied Arts – and Jakub Roček, soon – to – be MA from Brno Faculty, will prepare highly actual and challenging experience.


Luděk Rathouský