Lukáš Jasanský, Martin Polák


Lukáš Jasanský (*1965) and Martin Polák (*1966) have been working toghether since the eighties, and belong to the pathfinders of posconceptual artistic  approach. They work in black and white photography, capturing city, landscape and surroundings, usually without people. However, we can meet and get to know people a lot from the pictures. In the work of Jasanský and Polák irony and humour is present, helping to describe the raw reality (not only) of Czech postsocialist cultural landscape.

The important strategy is typologization, creating of samplers, stressing variability in unity and stereotypes in plurality. The pictures are often in series. Marking their lightness and indulgence, they have often poetical, distinctive character.   


Annotation: Kateřina Štroblova