Jiří Thýn (1977) belongs to the artists on the scene, who are a lot to hear about. He has been twice a finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký award,  his works aren´t missing at any important group show - the last example is the ongoing 3rd Prague Biennale Photo.


Thýn is undoubtedly one of the brightest stars on the contemporary Czech art photography. With this now classic innovative technique works on a conceptual basis, and in his experiments he gets to the very essence and meaning of photography as a medium. He deals with the process of its creation, for example,he creates photograms or banner test. It records the passage of time in a personal context, his photographic series are created according to his words, as long as it is for the subject itself exhausted. Targeted searching for the perfect composition. In frames he combines several angles and space. His photographs called "narrative", the story itself creates just the passage of time and the creation of the work.


Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová