Zero energy


Iveta Pilařová (1975) has studied since 1995 at the University of Applied Arts in Prague studio ceramics and porcelain studio of alternative techniques and eventually doctoral studies in the studio of Intermedia Art.

Iveta Pilařová has suffered from a form of multiple sclerosis. The deteriorating state of her slowly began to make trouble for her favorite sculptural work, so she decided to use it to her advantage and use the theme malaise and helplessness as the central theme of her work. In the early series of paintings Window display her everyday look from the window of the intersection. The same motive, the same intersection, only changing weather and passers-by. Tightness in prison without the guilt. Her ability to share feelings with a good dose of humor and exaggeration is remarkable. Handicap, which became her main theme, the impression of misleading words can not convey the emotional level, it is in her forthcoming submission, but without sentimentality or requests for sympathy. The exhibition immeasurable dreams and steps in gallery 207 in 2009 sought simply stick mannequin shop windows, and this video was confronted pensioners marching sticks. Her dissertation, Transforming disability arts, also dealt with this personal issue. The installation was made ​​up of video, painting on the floor and wheelchair, developed in collaboration with the CTU.

Annotation: Luděk Rathouský