Fraser Brocklehurst

9.1. – 8.3.2015


British in origin, the artist Fraser Brocklehurst (*1969, Worth Valley, UK) has been living and working in Prague since the beginning of the nineties. However, he still remains an interesting individuality on the Czech art scene. His work caught the attention of the collector Richard Adam, who organized a large exhibition of Brocklehurst ́s newest works in Brno last year. The artist begun to work in videoart, in which he examined social and cultural relations with appropriated information from the web. He followed with small format paintings, and painting became a medium for recording his personal experience and memories, often in a diary form. Instead of canvases, he is using fabrics


of all kinds – even worn t-shirts on hand made frames. In recent years his paintings are getting bigger and covered with many layers of paint. As the artist says, he is working almost daily, and the paintings are often repainted several times. They remind us of a tree bark or wall plaster, which is crushing on some places and revealing the layers under. In his paintings, Fraser Brocklehurst is still getting inspiration from his own visual perceptions and strong impulses from real life. The paintings are clear visual experience without any symbolical subtexts.


Annnotation: Kareřina Štroblová