22.1. – 31.12.2013


The name Anežka Hošková (*1982) is usually pronounced together with the one of her brother´s, Jakub, who is a painter as well. Since the beginning of their artistic career, they´ve been working as a duo called Indie Twins, as they´ve started a multicultural, Prague based platform A.M. 180, focusing on contemporary art and alternative music presentation.  The creative paths of the siblings are, though they still do the exhibitions together, slowly diversing. 

Anežka´s works are mainly paintings or works on paper, but recently she combined it with objects, installations and (photo)collages, supplying her two dimmensional universe. 

Her paintings and watercolours are representations of her personal mythology. It´s the world of strange and mysterious creatures, signs and places. This world is eclectic in the best meaning of this term. Grafitti and occultism, pop art and ancient Egypt mysticism, music and ritual are mixed together. A great amount of symbols attack our senses and irritate our subconscious mind. Magical birds, chalices, pentagrams, half-moons, thorns, hearts. Anežka Hošková is a priestess of a dark, romantic visuality.



Annnotation: Kareřina Štroblová