Alžběta Bačíková (*1988), Member of the young artistic generation Alžběta Bačíková has participated in several activities of the Luxfer Gallery before. During the summer plein air meeting of her university painting studio colleagues, she entered the public space with her social action – she let herself hire as a waitress in local pub and created pencil drawings on the guests´ receipts. Last year, her graduate work, video Talk and Twerk, was projected in BioLuxfer screening. This video has been awarded best graduate work of the university department.


A subtle artist, examining the universe of human relationships (Language of Flowers, 2012), organises the conflict between the power of words and suggestible body attraction (Talk and Twerk) or thinks about the context of  low valued seventies decoration. From the role of the artist, creating the work through a physical body, she transfers herself to the role of a director, preparing and organising situations, which are professionally recorded. Perfectly prepared script and text is a background of her works. Arranged situation is not further directed, so the actors are free to improvise. This material is then postproducted by the artist and thus adjusted into interesting installations and compositions.


Annotation: Luděk Rathouský