Mariola Przyjemska

Next exhibition in the Gallery Luxfer will present after Conrad Armstrong, another foreign artist, Polish painter, photographer and author of installations Mariola Przyjemska (* 1963). After studying at the Warsaw Academy in her paintings appeared mythological, religious or anecdotal suggestions. At the beginning of the 90th years she has become one of the current authors, who started in her work reflect and comment on consumerist lifestyle of new society. However the symbolic motives were taken from different cultures and folk motives do not disappear from her work, she used them to create abstract or geometric compositions. In the mid-90th years she started to make color photography. Its major theme is textile labels or patches on clothes. Recently, Mariola Przyjemska is returning to painting. It will be a surprise then, by what artist will present herself at gallery Luxfer.

Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová