3.8. – 30.9.2012

Jiří Franta (*1978) - member of art group Rafani, an integral part of a rouping Jiří Franta and David Böhm, ETC founder of the gallery in Prague, the initiator of comics fanzine EX, multiple finalist prices of Jindřich Chalupecký isn´t for friends of the Luxfer unfamiliar face. In 2005, he participated in Public exhibitions even at that Náchod gallery Slavia, and then Jiri Ptacek curatorial project focused on public space called Reverend eripherals (2007), which was for Jiří Franta judicial implications. At the newly renovated subway he sprayed painted folk motifs from the original Náchod costumes, for which he was sentenced to a fine. Since the beginning Franta´s formation plays an important role drawing. Together with David Bohm, whose work had a similar genesis, they explore drawings possibilities to extremes Gallery Luxfer Jiří Franta will introduce himself, and to be honest, I'm not sure what we can look forward to. Maybe it will be drawing, maybe painting, video and installation. However surely it will be meeting with an exceptional artist who can pleasantly surprise with its immediate but at the same time smart outputs.


Annotation:Luděk Rathouský