Luděk Rathouský, artist, friend, curator:
"I see the importance of Jiří David especialy in prefering a new doctrine of teaching at Academy of Fine Arts, where he taught. He stood against the claim that the artist has to be stupid executor of someone's superior forces. From the beginning he tried to create intellectual ferment, more than a kind of handicraft workshop. He was teacher who was crucial for me and for initiating my life when I was trying to get into the art world."

Kateřina Štroblová, art historian, curator:
"I appreciate that such personality as Jiří David, who did so much for art, exhibits 
 in our small Gallery Luxfer in Česká Skalice. I would love if the locals appreciate that too, and visit the exibition. I had the opportunity to learn that even this famous person is actually a very nice person, he
 can talk about his work comprehensible and prepare the exhibition. I hope this will be another successful exhibition in Luxfer."

Roman Rejhold, artist, operator of Gallery Luxfer:
"For me, as a regional artist is the project of Gallery Luxfer certain disunion. I take care about the operation of the gallery and the exhibition of Jiří David, the great personality of Czech art is for me a dream come true. It's actually not 
 what we always tried. I feel humbled that in Česká Skalice appears artist of this caliber with a specific work for our gallery. It's a monumental thing that goes through our gallery, which I appreciate. I think that Jiří David and his work has for me and
 gallery a major contribution. "


Interview: Hynek Šnajdar