Conrad Armstrong

30.3. – 27.5.2012

Conrad Armstrong (1980), artist involving in the context of Canada and Europe is one of the many graduates of Applied Arts in Prague, who will be presented in the Gallery Luxfer. In 2010, he became one of the finalists of the Critics Award for young painting with overlaps. Conrad's work is rooted firmly in the tradition of conceptual art, but in his last works, we can talk about the current post-conceptual phase, based on cooperation, such as in the work of Bold Counsel, 2009, presented at Gallery 207 in Prague, where he developed interactive communication with friends in Canada, who devised equations for found objects in Prague. His work has always been a great deal of illegibility. In his dissertation he dealt with the image of characters and its functions without the knowledge of the general recognition code. Conrad Armstrong also migrates freely professionally, so it is not only painting, but also he creates videos and installations....

Annotation: Luděk Rathouský