Václav GIRSA

Václav Girsa (1969) is an artist who has decided to devote himself exclusively to fine art. He is paradoxically classified into current young generation (together with Eva Koťátková, Eugene Simer, Václav Magid and others), but with contextual and life experience generation medium, which is reflected in his work. Lightweight unloaded punk expressive painting don´t devoid of youthful freshness and audacity, but the themes and ideas are like elsewhere. Often rural themes associated with "cottaging", forest environment, post-industrial peripherals, folk mythology or underground concerts are slightly remote part of the formal and social themes of the young generation. Girsa is not afraid to use waste materials, with the now decadent aesthetics, which brought in the nineties Frantisek Skala, is not afraid of kitsch themes like little cats, pets and plush flower, or the infantile pretension, blinker piece hanging on the painting as a necklace penguin. He is not afraid to combine everything that we find ourselves in as a result of a completely autonomous, avant-garde world. So what can we expect? Metallurgical visually rich and juicy installation of bursting colors, unexpected contents and distinctive poetry.

Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová