3.6. – 7.8.2011

Česká Skalice - For recent-certified artist Radim Langer (25) is a traditional painting great and permanent challenge. "He finds objects of interest not only in the figurative motifs, as well as fragments of engineering products in the poster means of expression, "said curator Ludek Rathouský about new exhibition, which opens on Friday 3 openings June at 19 hours in the Gallery Luxfer. In his oppinion coverage is important motive for Langer.During the exhibition in Prague gallery G207 Langer gathered dozens of images, where one folding, stacking created the original maze that room has changed almost beyond recognition. "The visitor along a corridor between the images turned into the streets curving between frames, avoiding parts strewn on the floor or just leaning against the wall, examined whether the ceiling of his canvases falls down or not, and especially how it all holds together and where to mount the images leads. Similar exhibition will also enjoy Luxfer visitors who are already accustomed to contemporary Czech art. Structures roofs, geometric compositions, patterns sweaters or little monkeys. Langer's creation can act chaotically, but is an order that with a little openness viewer can decipher.