Česká Skalice - contemporary art, and even the Czech one, it does not necessarily mean a classical paintings and sculptures created by traditional methods, but the viewer has to get used to the unusual and artistic methods. Among those artists who profess painting as the main, is also Milan Salak (38). He often escapes from screen to conceptual art and installation to returned again to painting. Until Saturday, the 5th November visitors can visit in Česká Skalice in Gallery Luxfer the exhibition entitled Silicone under glass, which is partly a concept rather refers to the artist's traditional roots.

On the walls hung a glass gallery that held a black silicone materials directly on the gallery walls. The material is formed into a sort of irregular lines - narrow imaginary landscapes, which can be seen in reality. Salák´s method is simple but effective. About his work he speaks with passion, and as says his colleague and curator of the gallery Ludek Rathouský "he is renowned as a tireless debater and rhetorician, who is always ready for anyone to vividly bring and outline the issues of contemporary art."