Václav MAGID


 The author is profiled as an artist with a strong theoretical background and curator who conceives of his exhibition as art projects rather than as a type of indefinite parade exhibitions. "His work, entirely originally based on traditional painting techniques gained early conceptual character. One of the most important issues for him in the period between 2005-2007 talo exploring the boundaries between life and work of art, a relationship of aesthetic experience human existence. From 1 April 2005 until 1 April 2006 he systematically recorded every activity he did to this particular form of the diary could be subsequently used for the exhibition of April, "said about the Magid´s artistic methods lecturer Margaret Kubačáková.Unclear transition between life and art writer and watched the curatorial exhibitions eternal state in Karlin Studios (2006) or the purpose of the Academy of Fine Arts gallery (2006). "In the next two curatorial exhibitions Magid puts in the forefront of his critical approach to gallery operation and cultural arts policy. Criticism of certain social groups or cultural phenomena in his work appears frequently as a means of expression, but the content of the communication is based on personal experience reformulated into artistic expression, "explains Kubačáková. During years 2008-2010 the Magid´s creation of increasingly confronted with literary and theoretical references of European culture. Text is his material medium like any other, but the work has been obtained through combining the viewer's physical existence in space and simultaneous penetration into the content of the text.

Text: Hynek Šnajdar