13.8. – 3.10.2010


Mirrors , dogs, iron curtain , it was an introduction to the exhibition RAFANI , but viewers groping


Three men in black with round mirrors , which reflect sharp-looking German Shepherds , this is prologue event of known provocative art group Rafani , in those days, until 3 October presents their project in Česká Skalice Gallery Luxfer . After that visitors go through this " dangerous " corridor to the bowels of the gallery to watch three seemingly unrelated videos.


The most recent work of art created Rafani in the House at the Stone Bell in Prague for Biennale for young people. " We have created a giant curtain that opens and closes automatically . Although Rafani do not give the names to the projects yet, the Prague exibition could be appointed as Curtain and exhibition in Česká Skalice Behind the Curtain, " said group member and curator of the gallery Ludek Rathouský , who in the beginning said that probably does not make sense to explain the exibition in Česká Skalice to viewers.


RAFANI in their own words, often also referred to as a closed group , which is close to sectarianism . "I think we are not able to get rid of this sign. If the exhibition seems dark and bad, maybe it is so, "said Rafani . What RAFANI wanted to say with this performance in Luxfer? It probably know only members of that group, who , however, during the opening changed their mind and were ready to explain the action the audience .


To curious viewers got a key to the exposure Rathouský introduced them to the concept. " There 's a certain stop . At the beginning of the cordon with round mirrors that reflected the dogs . After visitors have passed on to the gallery , where the iron to trigger projection theater curtain . On another wall Rafani standing next to each other and rotate in a circle on top of the adjacent staircase leads to the basis of the exhibition , " outlined Rathouský .


The exhibition is thus by members of the group plane historical, recent totalitarian when former border guard dogs , in relation to the so -called Iron Curtain . The second relates to the history RAFANI that at the beginning of its existence logo used with barking dog head. " It is a mystery what the group behind the Iron Curtain creates , " explained Rathouský symbolic importance of the exhibition with the fact that the feelings that the viewer of the exhibition , the work itself . Even after interpretation of the current exhibition , it seemed that the visitors lost in the space and respect they escaped . Nevertheless , because the questions asked were Rafani satisfied. " In Prague, most everyone faces that they know everything and no one about anything . Periphery is in this respect much more open , 'said a member of Jiří Franta .


Text: Hynek Šnajdar