8.10. – 3.12.2010



At the " nuclear " pictures by Petra Herotová in Luxfer leads to splitting of atoms and relations


In connection with this exhibition Petra Herotová presented at the opening an attempt to split the atom " firstly I will pour a half glass of alcohol, " showing Herotová , " then I will add water to the two -thirds of glass. Then I´ll add the prepared solution rapidly tablespoon of oil . Arise balls that float in the solution. Cleavage atom lies in the fact that the knife cuts through the ball and the resulting two atoms which can be joined together again. "


This Demonstrates closely related to the exhibited works , which acts as the technical drawings of the "nuclear" theme , where the fission of the atom. It is interesting that Herotová who originally worked as a curator in Blansko local gallery , moved to the village of Tyn, in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant. " This is a series of images , of which about half I had at the Biennale of Young Gallery at the Stone Bell , Prague, and then the second half of the show in Lodz, Poland. Only now I got it all back. Of the 45 drawings here displays a selection of 22, which I prefer. It is thus the prime minister, "said Herotová .


And it's extraordinarily successful premiere . Technical problem splitting of the atom is performed Herotová artistically very strong and playful at the same time . Phenomena in the figures , however, for it is not a reflection of the functioning of natural mechanics, but again, human relations and contradictions. Since the start of bricks is one of the most impressive exhibitions. Petra Herotová graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of George David. " Its primary medium is a simple drawing , often in basic contours or colors , and simple objects made ​​of paper, " says gallery curator Ludek Rathouský . In her autobiographical work visually represents their territory and their existence or their loved ones. For a long time drawings charted tracks your steps and at different locations and routes. Recently Herotová focuses his drawings and diagrams seemingly from people to things - atoms and physical principles .


Text: Hynek Šnajdar