Pavel Sterec

I woul rather not

10. 4. – 10.6. 2010



The main point of the exhibition is a letter that Pavel Sterec found in the archives of the Police Museum. This is the anonymous confession to the murder together with an explanation of the alleged motives of offender. Identity of writer was never reveal and the case remained unsolved. 

In alignment frame is painted on the wall blowup in the size and color of the substrate letter, on which are pasted snippets photocopies of oil. The installation is accompanied by the above-mentioned letter located under the glass.

Decomposition suppression contrived confession to elemental parts into abstract forms creates tension between the level of communication and the level of secrecy.

Pavel Sterec (1985) is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. These include significant young artists, which is characterized by expansive thinking and surprisingly simple, but incomprehensible processes and combinations. Objects, photographs and performances are often deliberately hidden meaning. The guideline can often be just a hint. His balancing on the interface of postconceptual engineering and esoteric is certainly unusual.


Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová