Neue erotische Kunst by Inna Levinson in Luxfer doesn´t rouse, but rather entertain

Erotica can be displayed in different ways. Vulgar superficially , but also with humor . The exhibition Neue Kunst Erotische by artist Inna Levinson (21 ) , originally from Ukraine Lviv , now exhibited in the Gallery of Česká Skalice Luxfer , represents the second case .


The exhibition is a playful, although some visitors from the opening quickly stalked, because creating of Levinson for them apparently were not their cup of tea. Flood of pornographic magazines on the shelves of newsagents in the area unbound garbage on the internet and television screens , are creations of the author rather than tame inflammatory material. They are funny , ironic , joyful and cavorting .


Beneath the bold inscription Erotische Neue Kunst, which refers to the exhibition , on the walls are hundreds of boxes of matches plasticine decorated with erotic motifs . Parade here in various sexual positions not only so -called normal stature, but is also provocative to connect with the alien astronaut , Karl Marx sitting on his lap naked beauteous maiden , romp here cancan dancer under skirts "live " teddy bear chases girl , sacrilegious naked crucified Christ disabled erection of the same rank of the Virgin Mary with naked breast behaves penis instead of Jesus , Santa Klaus in sexual action,  and other fun humorous pieces .


It all adds up inflatable mannequins in erotic positions that Levinson purchased in a sex shop . The atmosphere of the exhibition illustrate two TVs , where the loops repeat a bit stiff and poor downloaded videos from You Tube pushy hospitality accompanied by Russian Pop . The exhibition is enriched with lighter themes naked women that are commonly available on the market . "It's not outrageous , it's rather fun . Sexuality is all , nothing to it . I got it just in myself, " said the artist . She accompanied her exhibition in a black sleeveless shirt , short pink skirt, punched stockings and necessary props, which was clattery and luminous gun . This Levinson pointed and fired at each work including visitors .


Exhibition organizers claims that Inna is wild maverick who doesn´t lack self-confidence and a certain obviousness with which she takes whatever she fit into the register, but it is rather funny and natural being . It is brilliant in the sculptural sense, because her box thumbnails are rendered with perfect attention to detail. "Exhibition in Luxfer is very successful . Inna deals with sexuality like every young person. She returns a reference to the normal relationship between a man and a woman , " said at the opening of the exhibition , which runs until 8 August organizer and painter Ludek Rathouský .

Text: Hynek Šnajdar