Jiří Černický




13/3 - 10/5/2020


Opening of the exhibition CANCELED!



gallery operation temporarily suspended





In the next exhibition, Luxfer Gallery presents Jiří Černický (*1966), one of the most

outstanding persons of contemporary Czech art scene. Černický is floating between painting,

performance, installation and video. He is interested in environmental and social topics,

mixed with personal experience and popculture elements, together with humour and irony.

Černický is a leader of a panting studio on the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in



Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová





Lukáš Karbus


10/1 - 8/3/2020


Opening 10/1 from 7 pm






Milan Houser


22/11/2019 - 5/1/2020 


Pen My Black Fox with Drugs 



Opening 22/11 from 7 pm



Kurt Gebauer




13/9 - 17/11/2019






It is not easy to present the nestors of Czech art in the Luxfer Gallery project. Little time and an inexorable age factor are a great barrier, but Kurt Gebauer – the indefatigable punker – decided not to be limited with that. As the actors say “there are no small roles“, in the world of visual arts we can say “there are no small exhibitions“. All has to be thought over, made and put together, and Kurt Gebauer did so very responsibly.

The author (*1941) belongs to the oldest generation of Czech sculptors. He co-defined postmodern principles of work following the tradition of Czech grotesque and Krizovnická school. He is a long-time teacher, who infected several genarations of artists with his open mind. For the exhibition in Luxfer Gallery he decided to show a series of figures made from recycled paper, calling them Trubkouni (Pipe-figures). I was impressed by this title, for it perfectly depicted not only a laconic directness of his thinking, but his entire work as well. Kurt Gebauer belongs to the artists who are celebrating the magic of everyday things, imperfect bodies or ephemeral disproportion of childhood. All that is spiced with a lot of irony and hyperbole. 


Annotation: Luděk Rathouský



Dominik Lang











Matej Al-Ali


31/5 - 14/7/2019


Opening 31/5 from 7pm




Work of Matej Al-Ali (*1985, Bardejov, Slovakia) is rooted in intermedia space. He creates mainly

objects and installations, expanding to public space. Some of the installations are on the edge of


Al-Ali often focuses on material, physical character of object and the process of its creation or destuction. He explores the relationship between object and labor – a conveyor belt is his common material. Together with Tomáš Moravec and Petr Dub they reflect contemporary architecture and its symbolic and (dys)function in the society.

In his latest work, Al-Ali uses the medium of camera as a tool for reality and the viewer´s perception


The artist lives and works in Prague.

Annotation: Kateřina Štroblova





Giel Louws



30/4 - 31/5/2019


Opening time: we-fr, 2-5pm


Old Town-hall,

city center of Česká Skalice





Suported by:






Catherine Radosa






Nomadic and contextual video-projection in the public space, at the scale of architecture, at the invitation of Luxfer Gallery, Česká Skalice, Czech Republic 

Video 4K, 10'45 '', 2019





If today it is claimed, not without defiance, by certain feminist activists, the figure of the witch remains contradictory, provocative, paradoxical. She is never innocent, carried by a story that is not a fairy tale. To be designated as a witch
is always to be accused. And first of all, to be accused of being a woman. At best, under the burden of ordinary misogyny, of the banality of contempt for the feminine; but also in the criminal heritage, sometimes always active: for sometimes we still burn so-called witches in our days, as we did on a collective scale in the not so distant centuries when beliefs were used as a pretext for male domination. From the large-scale feminicide that Europe has been able to achieve to carnival performances, witch-hunting is never a game without consequences, nor are free the attributes of its representation. Can we, must we really forget, on the night of Walpurgis every April 30, in the joy of the festive bonfires, even under the appearance of the farce and the social custom of the celebration, the crimes of which they are the memory?

By placing it in the public space, in the form of a projection on architecture, the Franco-Czech artist Catherine Radosa offers a multi-level reading of the figure of the witch with Monument for Witch, a work created at the invitation of the
Luxfer Gallery at Česká Skalice. The projected video image is an ephemeral monument, a furtive apparition that slips into various parts of the city during the evening. It features a character whose clothing attributes, capes, dresses, serve
as a support for images from all kinds of archives - 19th century engravings, contemporary press images, activists' performances, but also elements (water, fire) and attributes - in a form of liberating choreography, sequences, moments
when the staged body devotes itself to a playful, emancipating, ironic but very incarnate Sabbath.

With the artist's distance, but also her commitment, with images that resemble documents and theatre, Catherine Radosa extends the evening of April 30 between celebration and denunciation, between festivities and satire.



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Tomáš Džadoň


Role Trikolory










Jakub Tajovský















24/8 - 16/9/2018


Dan Balabán, Pavel Forman, Tomáš Koudela, František Kowolowski, Jiří Kuděla, Petr Lysáček, Václav Rodek, Ivo Sumec, Jiří Surůvka






RAFANI na Art-Brut-All


8/8 - 12/8/2018


Videoinstalation+Music Performance

Fortress Josefov






Plenér of Galerie Luxfer










Roel van der Linden


20/7 - 18/8/2018


Old Town Hall building, Česká Skalice square






Roel van der Linden


Unity Through Identity







Rudolf Samohejl

Speculative factory

1/6 - 29/7/2018



Press Release




Jan Šerých

Anything II





Julius Reichel

U.F.O. efect

9/2 - 1/4/2018

Opening 9/2 from 7 pm











David Možný

Miss You

8/12/2017 - 28/1/2018






Marika Volfová

3,4 Planet Earth


13/10/2017 – 3/12/2017


Opening 13/10 from 7pm



Marika Volfová is a young artist, finishing the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno next year. Originally, she expressed herself primarily through painting, bearing a significant drawing lines and certain rough ungracefulness. Later on, in 2015, she worked on strong, raw paintings based on sketches made during her trip in Northern Africa and the Middle East. It was a kind of travelogue into the depth of inherited memory, mythical landscapes of subconsciousness, where violence and sex create the first social archetypes of acting. Banal situation of peeing on the beach, gutted guts, expressive conception and colours. The desire for exotics and fear of the unknown in one. Volfová is successful in targeting the right emotional centres to induce strong experience, raising questions connected with contemporary globalization. 

The interest for different cultures led her to active help to refugees in the Greek camps, later on to organize independent culture in the Netherlands. At the moment, facing the real voluntary and involuntary nomadism, Volfová is considering her role of a professional artist, so the exhibition in Luxfer can be very dramatic – for her and for the viewer as well. Before the show, she will be staying in the gallery, creating a site specific project.  



Annotation: Luděk Rathouský





Roel Jeroen van der Linden

Heatwave in Sydney


4/8/2017 – 24/9/2017

Opening 4/8/2017 from 7pm


Opening hours:

Friday 4 - 7 pm

Phone: +420 606 678 679


The paintings of Roel Jeroen van der Linden are binding together animality and diversity. Maritimes, portraits, figures, stillifes – all is mixed in the colourful boom in his work. His attitude to the medium is clear: A painting is always about painting and about the painter. Without painter no painting. Hence the painter is subject of the painting and because he/she paints, painting is subject of the painting. It's the task of each painter to research (paint) why he/she paints and to research (paint) the state of painting in his/her time. 

Roel Jeroen van der Linden graduated in Amsterdam and Prague Academy of Fine Arts. Now he lives and works in Prague.

Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová










PRESS RELEASE Between Dog And Wolf.pdf (418563)




Supported by:


Ministry of Culture


City Česká Skalice


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Matej Al-Ali

Veškerá skutečnost je provizorní a není možné jí jakkoli důvěřovat


31/5 - 14/7/2019


Zahájení výstavy 31/5 od 19h