Laure Wauters


Strange Windows, Stranger Eyes


5/10 - 29/11/2020

Exhibition in LUXFER OPEN SPACE, Maloskalická 40, Česká Skalice Open: +420 606 678 679



Filip Dvořák




18/9 - 15/11/2020


Open: Thu/Fri 4-7pm











In a land of irrefutability: hope


29/5 - 31/8/2020



LUXFER OPEN SPACE - Prostor pro současné umění

Maloskalická 40, Česká Skalice

Opening hours  thu-fra 2-5pm, sat 10am-2pm









Markéta Wagnerová


Fuck you, I'll go home



15/5 - 12/7/2020



Opening 15/5 from 7pm





Behind the artistic female name is an eccentric young man with a mustache. Last year's graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno (* 1988), where he attracted attention with a two-hour, sometimes unbearable, but engaging video. His feature diploma opus Jog Film was composed of fragments of shots of small video performances, very well put together and connected by successful connecting scenes into several parts. The whole video was a kind of statement of a young unanchored man full of doubt and anger. It was interesting to write the author in extreme positions reminiscent of Viennese actionists, but balanced by comic irony. The young author-author does not have much work behind her and it will be a big surprise in which direction she will go on her pilgrimage through art.

Annotation: Luděk Rathouský




Supported by:


Ministry of Culture


City Česká Skalice








Matej Al-Ali

Veškerá skutečnost je provizorní a není možné jí jakkoli důvěřovat


31/5 - 14/7/2019


Zahájení výstavy 31/5 od 19h