Roel Jeroen van der Linden

Heatwave in Sydney


4/8/2017 – 24/9/2017

Opening 4/8/2017 from 7pm


Opening hours:

Friday 4 - 7 pm

Phone: +420 606 678 679


The paintings of Roel Jeroen van der Linden are binding together animality and diversity. Maritimes, portraits, figures, stillifes – all is mixed in the colourful boom in his work. His attitude to the medium is clear: A painting is always about painting and about the painter. Without painter no painting. Hence the painter is subject of the painting and because he/she paints, painting is subject of the painting. It's the task of each painter to research (paint) why he/she paints and to research (paint) the state of painting in his/her time. 

Roel Jeroen van der Linden graduated in Amsterdam and Prague Academy of Fine Arts. Now he lives and works in Prague.

Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová








PRESS RELEASE Between Dog And Wolf.pdf (418563)




Supported by:


Ministry of Culture


City Česká Skalice


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