Matouš Lipus



2/6/2017 – 30/7/2017

Opening 2/6/2017 from 7pm



Sculptures and objects of Matouš Lipus (*1987) are formally based in clearly classsical sculpture work. He uses these timeless visual models purposely, shifting them into the present. The tradition of form and theme is a platform for using modern materials. To this historically proven morphology a gentle humour and hyperbole is added, based on a modern world perception. With a great lightness he connents „high“ with „low“, he is not afraid of getting inspired by rustical motives or folk forms and then mix it with ornamental gothic carving. 


Matouš Lipus is the absolvent of sculpture studio of Prague Academy of  Arts, Architecture and Design.


Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová










PRESS RELEASE Between Dog And Wolf.pdf (418563)




Supported by:


Ministry of Culture


City Česká Skalice


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