Jan Mahr

Color solution

10/2/2017 – 30/3/2017



For the photographic pictures of Jan Mahr (*1977) depiction of ordinary household things on white background is significant. However, this simple description cannot grasp their specific form or ambiguous content. In the Soft (2008) series the author created various compositions from drugstore goods (cotton buds etc.), approaching to lyrical abstraction. The Synthetic (2010) series is another „portrait of things“, not in compositions anymore, but on their own, letting the artifacts to fill almost whole surface of the picture (using here the term pictorial is quite on purpose, for he had studied painting for a long time). Mahr´s photographs embody issues like advertisement photography and its marketing production, consumption, personal aesthetic of things and everyday poetry.

The author lives and works in České Budějovice, he is a high school teacher in Český Krumlov.


Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová








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Svätopluk Mikyta

31/3/2017 – 28/5/2017

Opening 31/3/2017 from 7pm



The title of a new book of Svätopluk Mikyta (*1973) is Homo viator – human-traveller. The term globetrotter and multicultural man is the most suitable for Mikyta, for he is always on the road, exhibiting his work all over the Europe. However, his production is rooted in domestic – Slovak – tradition. The central issue of Mikyta´s art is handling woth found material – mostly with pictorial parts of books from the socialist era, which he gets on flea markets or in old books shops. These reproductions he manipulates and graphically intervenes. So the „over-drawings“ and „re-portraits“ are created, with new visual load and conceptual content. 

Besides questioning identity searching and personal anchoring in the history, Mikyta´s work can be perceived as a sociopolitical situation of a postcommunist society commentary.

Svätopluk Mikyta is the 2009 Oskár Čepan Award laureate and he is a graphic studio leader on Brno Faculty of visual arts. He is a co-organisator of an important local cultural centre of Banská ST A NICA in Banská Štiavnica (SK).


Annotation: Kateřina Štroblová








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